How to covert a Nokia N73 to a Nokia N73 Music Edition!

August 16, 2007

Just remember there is no guarantees that this will work and you could permanently damage your phone, so be warned as we take no responsibility for any damage done!

Nokia N73 ME

Ok, I had some trouble converting my n73 into a Music Edition. I got there in the end, but for people who are stuck on it,

here is how to do it!

First you need download the Nokia Software Updater from the official Nokia website.

Then download a sofware package called NSS (Nemesis Software Suit), heres the link:


When downloading Nemesis, if you are running an anti virus program, a virus warning just might show up. If this happens just ignore it.

Once you have downloaded both the Updater and NSS, connect your Nokia N73 via USB and open NSS. Once the program is open, click SCAN FOR DEVICES. Then click SCAN. At some point if you are still running your anti virus program, a virus warning will definitely come up. Just ignore it because if you tell the anti virus program to delete NSS, then you won’t be able to update your phone!

Change the phone’s product code to 0539343. There should be little box that says ‘Enable’, click it.

Then press ‘Write’. If you did everything right, at the bottom left hand corner it should say ‘Write Complete’ or ‘Write successful’.

If successful, close NSS and open the Nokia Software Updater and follow the steps to start updating the phone.

WARNING: You will have to download a file to update the phone to Music Edition, so be prepared to download the file as it is fairly large!

Once complete, your Nokia N73 should be transformed into a Nokia N73 Music Edition.


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