A connection to the network cannot be established?

August 24, 2007

Check that the WLAN switch on the left side of the PSP system is turned on.
Switch the WLAN Power Save Mode off. This will allow the PSP system to communicate at full power.
There may be too much distance between the PSP system and Wireless (WLAN) Access Point or the PSP system and the other player. Try shortening the distance.
Check that the network settings are correct. Refer to the instructions supplied with the network equipment and by your Internet Service Provider to make the correct network settings.
Depending on the Wireless (WLAN) Access Point setting, you may need to enter the PSP system’s MAC address.
When communicating with another PSP system in, both PSP systems must be set to the same channel.
MAC address: Related to networking, the MAC address is used to identify uniquely an item of equipment. Each PSP has a MAC address. Depending on the Wireless (WLAN) network you are trying to connect to, you may need to enter the MAC address when you set up a network connection using Infrastructure Mode. You can find the MAC address under Settings in the Home Menu – go to System Settings and choose System Information.
Wireless (WLAN) Access Point: A device used to connect to a Wireless (WLAN) network.

Ad Hoc Mode:  One of the Wireless (WLAN) networking modes used by the PSP, which allows you to play multiplayer games with other PSP owners within a certain range


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