Ad Hoc Mode!!

August 24, 2007

Ad hoc mode lets you connect a PSP™ system to other PSP™ systems without having to set up a wireless access point. You can use ad hoc mode to play games with other PSP owners. You can connect up to 16 PSP™ systems for wireless play.
Ad hoc mode is primarily used for connecting one PSP™ system directly to another (or several others) for head-to-head play.

NOTE: To play games using ad hoc mode, the software must be compatible with ad hoc mode. Review the instructions provided with the software for details.

NOTE:  An ad hoc mode connection will NOT allow you to connect to the Internet to play online games or update your PSP™ system (Network Update – we’ll look at this in a later lesson). To perform a network update, or play online games, you will need to set up the system for an infrastructure mode connection, and connect to a WAP that has Internet access.

To establish a connection in ad hoc mode::
1. Select Network Settings.
2. Select “Ad Hoc Mode”, and then press X.
Select either:
• Automatic: Set the system to automatically select the optimum channel for communication
• Ch 1, 6, or 11: Select the communication channel manually

“Automatic” is the recommended choice, and is the system default. In most cases this will give you the best connection to other devices in the network.
Once you have chosen a channel option, press the right button, and press X to confirm your choice and save the settings. Refer to the software manual for your specific game title for instructions on how to configure the software for online play.
NOTE: All PSP™ systems in the ad hoc network must have the same channel setting (Ch 1, Ch 6, or Ch 11) to connect successfully. Note that a system set to “Automatic” will connect with any of the three channels.


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