Mp3-Mp4 Whats the difference??

August 24, 2007

MP3 is an a1971 audio encoding system that rediçuces the size of files at about 10% its full lenght, so it is very popular, since instead of the almost 20 songs (3 minutes or so each) you can place in a normal music CD, you can have almost 2 hundred in good quality. I even have a CD with 1017 radio quality songs on it!

MP4, is a very different thing. Is like and envelpe or container format, that used to be called ISO 14496-14:2003. It is part of the MPEG 4 commonly apply to storing digital audio and/or video.

There are many subsets of it, but the one used for streaming audio and video is called MPEG-4 Part 14, very popular sine Apple and Itunes were on the market. The usual extension is .mp4, but if you see the containers extension on a PC or file mangager, is usually, .m4a or .m4v for audio and podcasts, .m4b for e-books, .3gp for mobile phones video, etc.

Any device that play .mp4 files is called an MP4 player. It gives the wrong idea that it has a superior and newest characteristic on top of MP3s… but not, MP3 is not dissappearing, since its an audio digital audio encoding with lossy compression format… not a packager.

The reason you want the so called mp4 player is that as the commercial vendors try to imply, you can play video on it.

One person suggests you buy an Ipod. He is right if you want to play safe… Apple little gizmo is the standard de facto on this industry. of personal video players, or PVPs.

Ipod is a about20% more expensive than most solutions, but you will have the most fashionable one, besides it is the one with the most users base in the world, so again, you will be playing safe.

Microsoft, wich was the leader in technology years ago, has being trying to get on Apple´s turf in PVPs, (Remember Microsft is co-owner of Apple), as dozens of manufacturers, so the only way is to have better pricing.. wich is good for costumers.. but no new technology is being created for this.

As a funny story, let me tell you that 3 years ago I bought a little PVR called the Audiovox PVR-1000. I had the newest 20GB Ipod, but I used to carry the Auidiovox all times, since it had video capture and playback right from the TV. You could just connect it to a television source, a VTR, a TIVO.. and extract on real time all content to your mini player… untill the last generation of Apple, the us$99 player was a better solution, but know Ipod does video output… still does not give you a 100 minute 200MB realtime capture, but its getting there.. for three times the price!

In conclusion: if you want to have video besides mp3 audio, you need a better player, one of the so called MP4 ones, or an Ipod…

The only extra things you need to knoware:

1) that each gigabyte gives you about 250 songs storage in hi fi, or maybe a movie and a half in full video.

2) That practically all PVRs including the Ipod, let you use their memory as an alternative storage media, so you can pour in your office files or family photos, and transport them to another PC or photo print service with easy.


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  1. I apologise, but this variant does not approach me. Perhaps there are still variants?

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