Xbox 360 vs Playsation 3

August 24, 2007

These machines are amazing, i have owed both Xbox 360 and ps3 and they are both very good.

For people who are deciding on which one to buy but aren’t quite sure, here is a quick review on both of them (from a gaming perspective). I’m not going to run through what has what and which one is better at processing or which one has the better GPU. But I am going to tell you which one I THINK is better to have.

Owning both of these machines made me realize that these are 2 very different consoles in terms of gaming.

Controllers: Controllers are one of the most important aspects of a gaming console and the Xbox 360 controller is very easy to use, they fit very nicely into your hands which make those long gaming sessions a lot easier, the whole controller just has a good feel to it. The PS3 controllers are what let it down, its just an upgrade of the crappy PS2 controllers with little extras added to compete with the 360’s one. The analogue controllers are in a very funny position and the new trigger type buttons just feel like a last minute add on by Sony. The long gaming sessions get uncomfortable around the thumb areas and with no analogue feedback, it just feels like a cheap bypass product. I have to say this is what let the PS3 down the most for me.

Gameplay: Gaming is what we buy gaming consoles for. ‘Resistance: Fall Of Man’ is by far one of the most addictive games out there for the PS3, which actually does have some pretty good games, but that game really was the most fun to play. In the future I think PS3 will overtake the 360 when the game creators get use to the new piece of hardware to its full advantage. Then the PS3 will really give the 360 a challenge, but apart from ‘Resistance: Fall Of Man’ for the PS3, the Xbox 360 just has better games and better gameplay.

Conclusion: I really liked both machines, as both have proved to me that they are indeed the ‘Next Gen’ in gaming. But there is only one true winner and I have to say it would be the Xbox 360, with more games, better controllers and only half the price of the ps3

The 360 is the clear winner and if I had the choice to buy one or the other, I would buy the Xbox 360, but give it time and when the PS3 has more games and the price comes down, then I would recommend the PS3.


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