Burning CDR’s

September 29, 2007

The Basics: By Raymond, WebTechGeek.com – If you’re considering buying a CD-ROM recorder or re-writable , but you’re a lettle confused about the difference. The CD-ROM recording technology changes quickly, and it’s very easy to get a lettle confused. The CD-Recorder (also called CD burner or CD writer, CD-R drive, ) can record (write, burn) to one blank CD-Recordable disc at a time. The CDR disc can be burned or recorded on to only once, although with the proper settings in multi-session supported software, you can add to the disc in more than one recording session until it is full. This is called “multi-session” recording. The disc cannot be erased and used again.

CD-RW ReWritable drives: The CD-RW make it possible to erase on the disc what you have previously recorded and re-record again over the top of it (about 1,000 times). How many times you can do this depends on the specifications of the CD-RW discs being used. Some discs claim that you can erase and rewrite up to about 1,000 times! However, you must use Re-Writable media (CD-RW) which is different than the standard CD recording media (CD-R)

Both CD-R and CD-RW discs will hold up to 650 MB of data or 74 minutes of audio, although we now have CD-R discs that will hold up to 700+ MB of data and 80 minutes of audio. The length of time it takes to record (write) a disc depends on how much data or how many minutes of audio you have and the speed of your CD recorder or re-writable. If, for example, you have a full 650 MB of data or 74 minutes of audio, at single speed it would take 74 minutes to record. The 2X CD recorder (recording at double speed – my first CD recorder), it would take about 37 minutes to record. If you have a 4X recorder (recording at quadruple speed), it would take about 18. minutes. Some of the recording software (also called premastering software – test burn) have a feature that allows you to verify the data you have written against your source file (disc from which you are recording), and that will take a lot longer.

Note: Not all the older CD-ROM drives and CD players can read CD-RW (re-writable) disc. Some of the really old CD Players can’t read or play CDR or CDRW disc. Newer models those made in 1999 or later are more likely to read re-writable media, but they must support what is called the “MultiRead standard.” There is a MultiRead logo which can be found on the packaging or on the CD-ROM drive itself which indicates that the CD-ROM can read all existing formats. Most new CD-ROM drives and CD players manufactured at this time can read and play CD-R and CD-RW discs.

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