Best 19-inch LCD Monitors

October 20, 2007

5/3/07 – 19-inch monitors have become the default screen size for most desktop computer systems. They provide the same amount of screen space as a 21-inch CRT monitor but with much less space. And with prices that aren’t much higher than 17-inch LCDs, its hard not to go for the larger screen. Here are my selections for the best 19-inch LCDs based upon my research and experience.

1) ViewSonic VX1945wm

ViewSonic’s 19-inch widescreen monitor is really a stand out from other monitors because of the iPod dock built into the base of the monitor. This makes for a great multi-function addition to a very well rounded screen. Contrast, brightness and response times are all top notch. The screen includes a USB hub and speakers in addition to the iPod dock.


2) Gateway FPD1975w

Gateway’s FPD1975w is one of the new breed of wide screen displays coming in the 19-inch size. The resolution, brightness and contrast are average for the monitors in its class but is has something not found on many low cost screens HDCP. This allows it to fully support the playback of high definition video via a computer. It supports both DVI and VGA connectors.


3) Samsung 941BW

Samsung is one of the largest producers of LCD panels in the world and they also produce some really strong monitors. The 941BW is their wide screen 19-inch panel that offers a great overall value. The big feature with the screen is its really fast response times that make it great for video or PC gaming without any ghosting. The screen supports DVI and VGA connections.


4) Dell UltraSharp 1907FP

Even though the Dell UltraSharp 1907FP is not a wide screen display, it has some of the best color and contrasts available in a screen of the size. Response times are quite strong letting the screen have very little ghosting on fast moving video. It supports both DVI and VGA connections and also has 5 port USB hub built in



NEC’s 19-inch widescreen panel has contrast ratios, brightness and response times that are pretty much the equal to all of the screens on this list. The problem is that it tends to be a bit more expensive than the other screens. It does have the advantage of built-in speakers on the bottom of the cabinet that are not intrusive to the design.


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