Top 5 17-inch LCD Monitors

October 20, 2007

1) Samsung SyncMaster 740BX

Samsung is one of the biggest producers of LCD panels, so it is no surprise that they produce some extremely high quality monitors. The 740BX model is a bit more difficult to find, but the screen has some impressive features. The 1000:1 contrast ratio is one of the best available and the 300cd/m2 brightness is also quite high. It features both a DVI-D and VGA input.

2) NEC MultiSync 70GX2

While NEC is on the higher price end for a 17-inch monitor, the 70GX2 offers a good mix of features and performance. The screen uses a different coating that provides a brighter picture at the cost of more glare than traditional anti-glare coatings. This makes it excellent for video playback and editing. It supports both DVI and VGA video connectors and has a built-in 4-port USB hub

3) Dell UltraSharp 1708FP

Dell’s 1708FP is mostly a cosmetic update of their award winning monitor series, but it also has strong performance as well. The 800:1 contrast ratio provides very good color range along with the 300cd/m2 brightness. The 5ms grey-to-grey response time also prevents any ghosting of fast motion video. The monitor includes DVI and VGA inputs along with a 4-port USB hub built-in.

4) ViewSonic VA1703wb

Wide screens have become extremely popular in the notebook market and with larger screens. Now that is starting to trickle down to the smaller 19-inch and even the 17-inch market. Viewsonic’s VA1703wb is a bit different though because it offers a higher 1440×900 resolution. This makes for a highly detailed screen, but it might be difficult to read for those with limited vision.


5) Gateway FPD1775W

Like the Viewsonic screen, Gateway’s FPD1775W uses a wide 17-inch LCD panel for the display. Unlike the Viewsonic, the FPD1775 uses a lower 1280×720 resolution that is easier to read and more in line with displays found in large desktop replacement notebooks. It doesn’t have quite the same contrast ratios found in the traditional aspect ratio screens, but it does have good brightness and fast response times.


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