Top 5 Widescreen 20 to 22-inch LCD Monitors

October 20, 2007


Gateway FPD2275W 22″

22-inch screens are now coming down in the price close to the 20-inch screens and the Gateway offers and excellent value and is packed with features. The display features the traditional 1680×1050 with a good level of brightness and contrast. It also comes with a wide variety of connectors including DVI, VGA, Component, Composite and S-Video with picture-in-picture possible. The screen also comes with a 4-port USB 2.0 hub for connecting extra peripherals to your PC. The EZ-Tune software is its only real problem and can be problematic for Vista users. Of course, most video card drivers allow the same adjustments as the Gateway software.

2. Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP 20.1″ LCD

Dell’s UltraSharp 2005WFP monitor was extremely popular and successful. Dell has updated this monitor with the new 2007WFP model. It has an updated case that is styled much like their 30″ LCD monitor. This is particularly a strong choice for those looking for a small widescreen display with great color and brightness. Response times are quick and able to handle fast motion or graphics. Ports include a DVI with HDCP support, VGA, composite and S-Video. Also included is a 4-port USB 2.0 hub. Dell also offers an option 10W speaker bar that can be attached to it.

3. NEC MultiSync LCD225WXM 22″

NEC’s 22-inch widescreen LCD screen doesn’t offer as many connectors as some of the other screens on this list, but then again most people only use their monitor with a single PC. What the MultiSync LCD225WXM does offer up instead is a higher 1000:1 contrast ratio that is higher than many in this segment and it does this without sacrificing the refresh rate. It also offers in some integrated speakers for those who want to clean up their desktop of clutter. A solid monitor without all the frills.

4. Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22″

Many people are amazed by the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW screen. In particular, it does an exceptional job at display quick motion without the tearing or ghosting. This is due to its 2ms grey-to-grey response time rating. Brightness and contrast is on par with other 22-inch LCD screens. The drawback is that the screen does lose some color depth as it uses a 6-bit panel and dithers colors. It features both a DVI and VGA connector for hooking it up to a PC. Overall a great screen for those looking at heavy PC gaming or video work.

5. HP L2045w 20″

Some might be surprised to see HP on this list, but they have actually begun producing some very good quality monitors for the price. Take the L2045w 20-inch screen for example. While it doesn’t offer a wide range of connectors or features, it works very well for the price. The has a lower 600:1 contrast ratio, but it does provide the same brightness levels and good response times. It features a DVI and VGA connector as well as a two port USB 2.0 hub. One thing that users need to be aware of is that it does not come with a DVI cable.


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