Getting Started With Personal Web Pages

October 26, 2007

This Is Where You Start

Your new to personal Web pages and need to know where to get started. This is where you can go to get started creating your personal Web site without knowing or using any coding.

Putting Your Site Online

  • Easy Web Site Hosting – These are some free Web hosting services that offer an easy way for you to write a personal Web site using an online easy design editor or east to use templates. All you have to do is write your Web page, no coding required.
  • Blog Hosting – If you want to create a blog then these are some hosting sites you should consider. They are easy to use and don’t require any technical knowledge.

Besides Web Pages and Blogs

  • Profile Sites – These are sites like MySpace and Xanga that let you create a personal space online that you can use to communicate with other people on the Web.

You can add a few photos and tell about yourself.

  • Online Photo Albums – Put your digital photos online and create your own personal photo albums online.
  • Wiki – A different kind of Web site. A wiki is a Web site that allows you and your readers all to update the Web site. You choose the topic and they help you write about it.
  • Building Offline Web Pages

    • Web Site Builder Programs – When you want to build your Web site you can use an online editor that comes with your hosting service or you can buy your own program and create your Web pages on your computer. Here are many programs you can consider to help you create your own Web site.
    • Upload Web Pages – If you decide to build your Web pages on your computer instead of online then you will need a way to get your Web pages onto your hosting service after you create them. Many hosting services offer a program for you to use to do this for you, but some don’t. If yours doesn’t then you will need one of these programs.


    • All About Adding Graphics – All you need to know to get started adding graphics to your Web pages. Find out how to link to your graphics, how to download them from the Net, how to upload them to your Web site and more.
    • Free Online Clip Art – Graphics you can use on your personal Web site for free. Download these graphics and add them to your Web pages to create a more personalized look.

    Templates and Fun

    • Copy/Paste Templates – If you want to make your Web pages look a certain way you can do it by using templates. Just copy the code and paste it into your HTML editor. Then fill in the blanks and you will have your own personal Web page.
    • Add Ons/Accessories – If you want to add some fun things to your Web site try these. There are weather reports, games, horoscopes, maps and much more for you to try out.


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