Top 10 Best Graphics Cards for Gaming

December 3, 2007

Of all the computer user groups, the group needing the best performing graphics card is definitely the PC gamer. Not all graphics cards are created equal, some will play games well and some won’t. While their gaming abilities vary, each card on this list is capable of playing the newest games around.

1. XFX 7950 GX2 Quad SLI

If you have a large display capable of high resolutions from 1920 x 1200 to 2560 x 1600, Quad SLI offers the best gaming performance you will get on the current market. It’s not cheap, but the best never is.

2. ATI X1900 CrossFire Edition

Right below the 7950 GX2 quad SLI in both price and performance is the ATI X1900 CrossFire dual card set up. While not as good performing as quad SLI, ATI’s X1900 CrossFire is no slouch. If you are an ATI fan, this is a great choice for PC gaming.

 3. XFX GeForce 7950 GX2 XXX Graphics Card

If you are looking for the fastest single graphics card on the block, the XFX 7950 GX2 XXX is the card you need to get. This single card has 1GB of GDDR3 RAM and two NVIDIA 7900 series GPUs grafted onto one dual slot graphics card.

4. ATI X1900 XTX Graphics Card

In the red camp one of the fastest single graphics cards you will find is the ATI X1900 XTX. This card is a dual slot design and has great performance for gaming applications. If your gaming weapon of choice is ATI branded and a single card is what you want, check out the X1900 XTX.

5. XFX GeForce 7950 GT Extreme

A fantastic performer in the upper middle market for graphics cards is the new NVIDIA 7950 GT. XFX makes a version that is overclocked and passive cooled called the XFX 7950 GT Extreme edition that is simply awesome. High performance, lower priced and dead silent is hard to beat.


6. ATI X1900XT Graphics Card

ATI’s X1900 XT is still a solid performer in the gaming scene. With the newer and more powerful cards on the market, the price is dropping on this card. Many would still consider this card high-end, but it is starting to show its age compared to the new blood.

7. XFX Nvidia 7900 GT XXX

The XFX 7900 GT XXX is still one of my favorite graphics cards around. With the new 7950 GT out, the price on this card just keeps dropping. You can find it for under $300 easily and the XXX version has top notch performance.

8. Sapphire ATI X1800GTO

The price of this card hovers near $200 online. While it is a nice card, it is well down on performance to many NVIDIA cards that sell in the same price range, namely the 7600 GT XXX from XFX. However, if ATI is your poison and this is your price range, it is a nice graphics card.

9. XFX Nvidia 7600 GT XXX

Selling for around $150, the 7600 GT is one heck of a low cost graphics card for gaming. It out performs the X1800 GTO from ATI when in the XFX 7600 GT XXX flavor. You won’t run FEAR maxed out and get playable frame rates, but you can get fantastic frame rate with decent settings in FEAR.

10. ATI X1900 All-in-Wonder

If you are needing a graphics card that can play games and perform multimedia duties and act as a PVR, the X1900 AIW is for you. This card can play PC games very well and allow you to record your favorite TV shows to watch after you game is over. Alas it has been discontinued, but they are still available online.


By: Shane McGlaun


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